Juz 16 #Day16

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! To be honest, it’s quite hard for me to keep in track doing this ‘a post a day’ thing. But, this is my goal this Ramadhan. I’m trying my best! 😂

Alright, for day 16 of Ramadhan, the sharing will be from juz 16 surah Maryam verse 59. And the literal translation of this verse is as below.

So, in this particular verse Allah talks about Nuh alaihissalam, the children of Nuh, the children of Ibrahim and the children of Yaqub alaihisssalam. It says something about a particular generation and their followers that just didn’t live up to some expectations of their older generations. In the beginning of this verse, Allah uses the word ‘khalafa’ which means people that come afterward that meet the expectations and that they were good people. While next Allah uses ‘khalf’ with a sukun which means people that didn’t take the teachings of their ancestors further and they actually stepped backwards. in other words, it’s like a situation where their ancestors were once knowledgeable but they came down and were ignorant.

So Bani Israel was described as a nation that deteriorated after the coming of the prophets, in the generations that came. But then what’s the proof of their deterioration? In this verse, Allah says, “they wasted their prayer, and they followed whatever whims, fancies and desires that they had, and soon they’re going to meet deterioration.”

At the end of this verse, ‘ghayya’ is actually described as one level of hellfire, but it’s also described as misguidance in belief. So basically, Allah is saying that a future generation of Muslims came, who didn’t live up to the expectations of their older generations. Why? Because first, they wasted the prayer. Two, as a result, they became the people of their own whims and temptations and lastly, they will deviate in belief.

So, as a whole, this verse is actually a warning from Allah that reminds us as the new generation to avoid all those things that are stated in this verse that will lead us to deterioration such as wasting the prayers and lured in our own whims and temptations. May we become one of those people who do not deviate from our belief and aware with the warning from Allah in the Qura’n 😊

That’s all, bye!!💖

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