Juz 15 #Day15

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!! I just realised, we’re on day 15 of Ramadhan guys. It has been half a month. Time flies so fast, really. So for day 15, it will be from juz 15 surah al-Kahf verses 23-24.

So first, the literal translation of this verse is – “And never say about anything, ‘I am going to do this tomorrow,’ unless (you say if) Allah wills. And remember your Lord when you forget, and say, ‘I hope my Lord will lead me to what is closer than this, in guidance.”

Basically these two verses are about a phrase that most of us normally use in our daily life which is ‘InshaAllah’. It tells us to never say we are very very sure that we can do the things we’ve promised because there’s nothing sure beyond Allah’s will. In other words, this phrase is like we’re saying I’ve full intention in doing this and the only thing that will get in the way is if Allah’s plan is different from my plan. That’s not under my control. Now, that’s the real purpose of saying InshaAllah.

But nowadays, we’ve taken InshaAllah as the ultimate religious “I’m probably not gonna do this”.

“Hey bro, are you coming for terawikh tonight?” “Emm…. InshaAllah”

“Hey sis, are you coming for the class this evening?” “Ohh, maybe..InshaAllah”

So we’ve turned something that’s supposed to be a recognition that the future isn’t in our hands into something that saying, “I’m not responsible”. That’s not how it supposed to be. A true Muslim is the one who fulfil his promises. So, we can’t just use InshaAllah to say, “well, that’s my way of saying probably not.” We’ve to use it in the correct meaning, with correct belief which is, “I’m gonna make it to this night terawikh, and the only thing I can’t control is the will of Allah. If Allah decides there’s going to be a storm tonight, or the car isn’t going to start or I fell sick, I don’t know any of those things. That’s Allah’s plan but to the best of my efforts, as long as I’m capable of doing it, I will go. “

If we show laziness in our part even tho Allah didn’t put any obstacles in our path in doing what we said we would do, and then we say by our own “well I guess Allah didn’t want it to happen” then we might as well aware that Allah knows that we’re playing games with His word.

So, InshaAllah isn’t the acknowledgement that things might not gonna happen. Instead, it’s the acknowledgement of things ultimately are going to happen in the hands of Allah, but we will do whatever we can to complete our words.

May Allah make us among those people who meant the words that we say in daily life and use them in the way they’re supposed to be used. Especially when it comes to promises, obligations and meeting the expectations that we’re supposed to meet.

“Betulkan yang biasa, biasakan yang betul” 🙂

That’s all, bye!!

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