Juz 14 #Day14

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! Sorry I’m a bit late for the posting for juz 14 #day14 hehe. So, for juz 14, it will be from surah an-Nahl verses 98.

The literal translation of these verses are – “So, when you recite the Qura’n, seek the protection of Allah against Satan, the accursed.”

I’m pretty sure that most of us know and practice reciting the istia’da before reciting the Quran. We say Au’zubillahiminasyaitonirrajim but have we ever think that why do we did that? Or we just merely do that because everyone else is doing it, so why not we do it as well? So, actually, there’s a verse in the Qura’n which is about Allah’s commandment for us to seek the refuge of Allah from Shaytan before we started reading the Qura’n.

Another thing is, how many of us really mean what we say? When we recite the istia’da, do we really feel genuinely in our heart that, “Ya Allah, please protect me from the Shaytan, I want to read the beautiful verses of Yours.” Remember that Shaytan will try their best to stray us away from Allah. We might be reading al-Qura’n but in our mind we kept thinking about the works that need to be done after that. We might be reading al-Qura’n but we kept thinking about the dunya. The works that never ended, the problem in office, the problem with our friends and many others. Thus, we seek refuge from Allah so that He protects us from shaytan while reading the Qura’n.

Apart of that, we want Allah to protect us from being misguidance. We read Qura’n but we misinterpreted it especially in nowadays situation where people love to cherrypick any verses from the Qura’n to support their own interpretation about Islam. They denied the verses that come before and after that. Qura’n is the ultimate guidance that Allah gives to us but Shaytan can lead us to misguidance. Therefore, Allah said, seek the refuge of Allah before reciting the Qura’n.

Oh, another thing that’s interesting in this verse is, according to Uz Nouman Ali Khan, in the beginning of the verse Allah says, “so,when you recite the Qura’n” as if He expects us to read the Qura’n, right? Because if the expectation isn’t there, it would have said “IF you read the Qura’n” instead of “WHEN you recite the Qura’n”. So, we have to read it because Allah expects us to read the Qura’n and how come we want to deny His expectation?

May Allah protect all of us from being misguided and may the Qura’n isn’t just something that we read but become apart of us. Don’t tell people how much of the Qura’n we’ve memorised. Let them see the Qura’n in our actions because it isn’t about how far we’ve reached the Qura’n, but how far the Qura’n has reached in us 🙂

Ramadhan kareem everyone!

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