Juz 13 #Day13

Assalamualaikum and hi!

This post is about a verse in surah Ibrahim verse 7 juz 13. And I think this verse is quite a famous verse among us. I’m pretty sure most of us have heard about this verse before.

The literal translation of this verse is – “And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you’re grateful, I’ll surely increase you; but if you deny, indeed My punishment is severe.”

Have we ever realised that sometimes the hardest thing to do in our life is to be grateful? Especially when we were tested with few bad things such as accident, losing our love one, getting bad grades, failed a job interview or maybe when we fell sick. In the situations like these, it will be a really tough situation for us and it is so hard for us to still be grateful. To make it worse, when it comes to comparison with people surround us, we see our friends getting good results and we don’t. We see some of our friends being born in a rich family where they can get most of the things they want easily, but we don’t. They can afford high level education anywhere they want it to be but we don’t, we’ve to work for it. Times like these is what makes us hard to be grateful.

That’s why Allah promises us in this verse, if we could show the least bit of attitude, he surely will increase us. The question is, grateful to who? We must think that it’s grateful to Allah but Allah does not limit the word grateful to anyone in this verse which means, it can be grateful to Allah,to our parents, teachers, friends and to anyone who have done anything for us. Be appreciative because grateful isn’t just an act of saying Alhamdulillah. It’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a way of thinking.

One thing to remember is, Allah doesn’t use ‘I’ normally in Qura’n, He usually uses ‘We’. It’s only in the most intense cases in the Qura’n that Allah uses ‘I’ and He uses ‘I’ here when He said, ”I’ll surely increase you” which means that it’s a serious thing. He’ll definitely increase us. And the next question is, increase us in what? In some other verses, Allah says he’ll increase us in faith but in this verse? He only said He’ll surely increase us but in what? This means that Allah doesn’t limit what He will increase us in. Just be grateful a little bit, and He’ll increase us in anything that He wants to 🙂

I know sometimes it’s just so hard to be grateful. Most of the times, we kept whining and regretting the bad things that happened in our life compared to others. But remember that Allah promised us something if we could just show the least bit of gratitude, so why not be grateful just a little bit, right?

Ramadhan kareem everyone! 🙂

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