Juz 10 #Day10

Assalamualaikum and hi again! You must’ve been bored reading my post everyday but….. I don’t care :p HAHA

Okay, back to our business! Today’s sharing is going to be from juz 10 surah at-Taubah verse 41.

Alright, the literal meaning of this verse is – “Go forth light and heavy (as cavalries and infantries) and strive hard in Allah’s Way with your property and your lives. This is better for you, if you know.”

Basically, this verse is a call from Allah for the Muslims who were heading out for the battle of Tabuk. This is after Mecca was conquered and Islam had become a dominant force in Arab and there was a threat of attack from the Roman Empire. That the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ made a draft and planned some strategies for all the Muslims to be ready for the battle because Roman armies were going to be a tough one to fight. They might be one hundred thousand strong or even more. So, the Muslims had to put whatever resources they had in order to defend Islam, moving forward and face the enemy.

So, in this case, there were some of the Muslims who felt “Am I really strong enough to fight because I’ve never been in a battle before? Am I good enough?” But then, in this verse, Allah said – ‘infiru khifafan wa thiqalan’ which means: ‘march forward, light or heavy ‘

There’s a lot of meanings that we can get from this simple phrase. It means that, whether we’ve a lot of money or lack of money, whether we’ve a lot of talent or we don’t have any talent to offer, whether we’re strong or we think that we’re not strong enough, whether we believe that we’re knowledgeable or we’re not. Every one of us needs to march forward because we do have something to offer Allah. Trust me, Allah created us with certain talents, certain abilities, certain powers and why not we use those things for the sake of Allah?

Islam isn’t just about our own spirituality, our own concern, our own prayers and that’s the end of it. Islam is about taking care ourselves and at the same time serves a cause beyond our own needs. Build our Jannah in the hereafter by helping other people. By doing good to other people, by spreading charity, by giving good advices, by spreading this post (hehe) and by being a reason on why the world becomes a better place 🙂

So, we might think that we’ve nothing to offer but that’s not what matter. We’ve to come forward and do anything that we can for the sake of Islam. May Allah puts us to use for His deen because to be used for Allah’s deen is the greatest honor we can have in this life.

That’s all for today, bye!


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