Juz 6 #Day6

Assalamualaikum and hello! Wishing all of you a good Ramadhan 🙂

So today’s sharing is from Juz 6, surah an-Nisaa’ verse 145-147.

The literal translation of these verses are – “Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire. No helper will you find for them. Except those who repent, do righteous good deeds, depend on Allah, and purify their religion for Allah then they will be with the believers. And Allah will grant to the believers a great reward. What can Allah gain by your punishment, if you are grateful and you believe? And Allah Himself is appreciative.”

The first two verses are about the hypocrites that will be in the lowest pit of the hellfire. Then Allah says, the only one who won’t be in the hellfire are the people who repented among the hypocrites’. Nowadays, there’s a lot of people who’re in hypocrisy or it might even be us. But, Allah wants to tell us in this verse that hypocrisy isn’t a terminal state, we can come back from it because the door of taubah will always be opened. After that, in this verse Allah also said – “then they will be with the believers”. They’re no more considered hypocrites. So they came back in and that old label that they had on them has been shed. And lastly it says, “Allah will grant to the believers a great reward”

So, here it is. The beginning of these verses. It’s about saying the hypocrites will be in the lowest pit of the hellfire which is pretty depressing. Right after reading this, we’re like, “am I a hypocrite…?”

But, towards the end of these verses, the ones who were hypocrites can always repent and still be rewarded as a believer. It shows us that those who are so buried in sin and so deeply engrossed in sin, they think there’s no way Allah will forgive them. Sometimes, they might even think “I’m definitely is going to the hell after all” and then Allah says in the verse 147 – “what can Allah gain by your punishment, if you’re grateful and you believe?” So, if you can just be grateful a little bit, if you can just have a little faith, because Allah is appreciative. The word ‘shakir’ which means ‘appreciative’ is mostly used for the slave but Allah uses it for Himself. Allah appreciates the fact that we could think of the good things that Allah has done for us.

Best example of this is a story of a great scholar, Hasan al-Basri where his daughter fell and got a small injury on her hand. He loves his daughter so much, so he ran after her and picked her up asking if she’s ok. Guess what, his daughter said, “Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah who only allowed me to be hurt here in the hand and kept the rest of my body safe.”

Thus, if you can only look at what to be grateful for and you truly have faith then Allah Himself is appreciative and He knows what we’re going thru. He’s not interested in punishing us if only we could be grateful and have faith on Him.

May Allah make us qualified for his love and mercy and not let any of us lose faith in His love and in His mercy and in the fact that the door of jannahs will always be opened, waiting for us to enter thru them. Amin 🙂

Here’s the link of the vid.

Don’t lose hope.

Byee 😀

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