Juz 5 #Day5

Assalamualaikum and hi!

It’s day five of Ramadhan, almost a week already guys. Hope everyone is doing just fine 🙂

So, today’s sharing is about a verse in Juz 5, surah an-Nisaa’ verse 29. Most of us might already heard the meaning behind this verse but das okay hehe

The literal meaning of this verse is – “Those of you who claim to believe, don’t consume each other money using falsehood; rather than that, let there be trading by mutual consent. You shall not kill yourselves. Surely Allah is ever compassionate to you.” Basically this verse is all about common sense and honesty.

To apply this in our life, as an employee, don’t lie about hours at the office when we’ve to punch our time of attendance. We’re being paid as if we work for 8 hours but the truth is, 3 hours from that were spent chilling at the café unless our employer knows about that and he’s happy with that. That’s totally fine. Because in this verse, Allah said, “unless it’s a trade that’s happening.”

To be totally honest and logically thinking, nobody can be one hundred percent productive all the time, it’s just not humanly possible. We come to work and we’ve like a one hour break for performing prayer, having lunch and get some rest. That’s what agreed between the employer and the employee and das okay. Because Allah said so in this verse.

Another example, as a student, when we received some cash for our daily expenses from our parents and they said it’s only for food, books and transportation, then it is. If we spent it on something else, then it would be consuming the money with falsehood. But, if they know about that, well that’s fine.

Basically, whatever it is, either we’re physicians, mechanics, consultants or even businessman, just don’t overprice people, don’t charge people more than what is necessary with our services and vice versa, which means as an employer, pay our employee with the right amount of money. If they work for 8 hours, then pay them with salary worth of 8 hours. If there’s less or more, it’s OK only when both parties agree with it.

And finally, in this verse, it says that – “and finally if they both agree to it and they are both happy with it.” That’s what AMAZING in this verse, because we don’t just agree with our consumer because we can get them to agree even tho they’re not happy with it. You know when you signed an agreement for insurance or whatnot and you’ve to read a 40 pages of document which most of us are just lazy to do it. So, we signed, we agree with it but later on we’re not happy with it. That’s not how it works because based on this verse, it says that both parties have to agree and also truly happy with the agreement. That’s what acceptable in Islam.

May we become one of those people who are fair in our business dealings and implement the wonderful ethics that are in this beautiful verse of surah an-Nisaa’, amin 🙂

Here’s the link of the vid, enjoy!

Ethics of wealth and money.

Till here, assalamualaikum.

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