Juz 4 #Day4

Assalamualaikum and hi! So how’s your fourth day of Ramadhan? Hopefully everyone is doing just fine! Don’t worry guys, we’re in this together hehe

Today’s verse is from juz 4, surah al-Imran verse 92 which is quite famous as well. But there’s something more behind the meaning than what we usually heard.

Literally, the tafseer of this verse is – “You will not reach goodness until you spend from which you love.”

Basically, we get the idea that it’s about spending or giving something that we love to others, it’s not leftover things or things that we dislike but it’s the things that we love. But, the interesting part in this verse is, in the phrase “lan tanalu” Allah uses the word “nala” which is used when we’re travelling and we can’t wait to reach our destination. One of the prominent and relatable example is when we’re on a sail, we’re having limited supplies of food and water thus we can’t wait to reach to our destination.

And to complement this, Allah uses the word “al-birra” instead of “al-khayr” or any other word in order to say ‘goodness’ in this verse. And in Arabic, “al-birra” is closest to the word “al-barr” which actually means land. Do you get it?? “nala” which is used in travelling and “al-barr” which means land. It’s like in this verse, Allah wants us to think of the imagery, Allah gives us a situation. A situation when we’re travelling and we can’t wait to reach our destination which is the land! Reaching land is like goodness. Stability, safety.

So, we’ll not reach the safe land until we spend from which we love. Imagine being on a boat where it’s full with things that we love because if we don’t love them, we won’t be bother to bring them with us, right? So, when this boat is too heavy or leaking and we just can’t wait to reach the destination (nala) which is the land (al-barr), we’ve to drop some of the things that we bring, aren’t we?

It beautifully means that, in order for us to reach goodness, we’ve to spend the things that we love. When we’re doing charity, we don’t give them leftover food or the food that we dislike. But, we give them the food that we like. When we buy clothes for our eid celebration, we buy the other clothes that we want for ourselves as well, but it’s not for us, it’s for charity 🙂

Or maybe, sometimes, we’ve to give up some of the luxuries in our life and started to think about people surround us who might be suffering and starving to death. That’s the real “al-birra”. That’s when we know we have attained some kind of goodness. We might think, in this journey of life, everything we need is on our boat but Allah is telling us in this verse that in order to survive this journey, we better let go some of these things that we love if we’re going to get all the way to the goodness 🙂 May we belong to those people who are called “al-abrar”, insyaAllah.

Plus, towards the end of this verse, Allah says that, He knows what you spent. We don’t have to clarify or justify our good deeds to anyone. Posting it in Instagram, Twitter or any others is definitely unnecessary. Keep it a secret between we and Allah. We know and we believe that Allah is watching and that’s all what matters, in the end 🙂

Here’s the link of the vid.

Attain goodness.

Byeeee 😀

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