Juz 3 #Day3

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

Ok straight to the point! Today’s sharing is basically about a verse that I’m pretty sure most of us have heard it because it is quite famous. But, what make it more interesting is that the famous meaning that we all know isn’t just that…. There’s something more awesome that Allah want to tell us from the meaning of this verse.

Alright, it is from Juz 3, surah al-Baqarah verse 286.

Most of us know or at least have heard once about this verse. “Allah will not burden a soul beyond that it can bear”. Seems familiar right? Yes, this verse is about that. But, there’s another perspective that we can look into this verse. Burden also means responsibility. It’s something that we HAVE to do. No choice. So, remember when Allah assigned 5 times of prayer a day to everyone. Fasting during Ramadhan, covering our aurah. These are all OBLIGATIONS which we’ve to do, only a few have exception but majority of Muslim have to do all of these since they’re all Allah’s commands.

So, isn’t that mean Allah knows that we are all capable of doing this. We can’t give excuses such as, “oh I’m not a morning person therefore I can’t perform Subuh”….. Allah knows that we are capable of doing all of these, therefore He makes it as an obligation for each of us. No excuse guys.

If we say that we are not capable of doing them without any acceptable reason, isn’t like we’re denying Allah’s words? Allah say we can, but we say we can’t…..? Because, Allah will never give these obligations to us if we’re not capable in doing it.

Another part that is interesting about this verse is, in the short phrase of – Laha ma kasabat wa ‘alayha ma aktasabat, which means: A person will benefit from whatever they earn and whatever they earned in terms of sins will go against them.

Well, in Arabic, kasaba means easier which is used for good deeds in this verse and aktasaba which means harder to earn is used for bad deeds. Wow, that’s like a big hint guys. We might think all these while that sins are easier to earn compared to good deeds. The meaning behind this verse is that, sins might be easier in short term but it will make our life harder in a long term or maybe if we might pass it on this world but we won’t in the hereafter. There is punishment for every sin that we did unless we repent 🙂

When Allah said so, it’s true. He will make it easier if we really want to do good deeds. Trust in His words. Some might say, it’s up to me, I do the sin, I’ll bear the consequences, do not step into my life. We might can say it here, but we’ll never know if we can say that in front of Allah later.

So that’s all. Thank you for reading! Here’s the link of the vid:

Understanding trials & difficulties

Btw guys, it just a short vid and it might be more interesting than my writing so feel free to watch it haha!

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