Juz 2 #Day2

Assalamualaikum and hi 🙂

Today’s sharing is gonna be short, maybe…hehe and guess what? Today’s sharing is much much more relatable because it’s about Ramadhan and we’re here on the second day of Ramadhan yay!

So, it is about verse 185, surah al-Baqarah, Juz 2 and as usual, the video regarding tafseer of this verse will be attached down below, ok?

So, more focus were given towards the end of this verse where Allah said that, “so you complete the count”. What count is that? The count of 30 days in Ramadhan and completing up your goals and objectives this Ramadhan. Finish the count, complete your target, whatever it is. Some of you might be targeting on finishing the 30 juz of al-Quran, or maybe tadabbur a verse a day, performing tarawikh all 30 days complete, or maybe it just a simple act such as to not curse or swear at all throughout this 30 days and others. It’s your choice. But, whatever it is, finish the count, reach your target. We can do this!

And there’s a part in this verse where says that ‘So you declare Allah’s greatness, based on how He guided you’. The meaning behind this is just awesome. Have you ever seen when someone suddenly become so attached to the Quran during Ramadhan? Or someone who comes to the mosque performing congregational prayer even tho all this while you’ve never seen him at the mosque at all. But that’s okay, seriously. The beautiful meaning behind this verse is that, in these 30 days, Allah guided us so that at the end of this month, the good acts that we just started on the first day of Ramadhan would eventually become a habit. And based on His guidance in these 30 days, we might as well willingly to continue it even when Ramadhan is over. If we can stay away from halal things for thirty days then staying away from haram things would be much easier for us! Hopefully…..InsyaAllah.

And by the end of this month, we can finally truly declare Allah’s greatness by improving our faith and good deeds once Ramadhan is done based on how Allah guided us for those 30 days. We all know, when it comes into Ramadhan, suddenly Allah is the biggest priority in our life and the reason in that is, Allah remains a priority for us even after Ramadhan, InsyaAllah.

And lastly, this verse said that, ‘so that you become gratefull’. Well, how can someone not be grateful if he managed to make Allah his first priority in his life. It’s like, he succeeded in his life.

So, all the best for the next 28 days and use it to the fullest so that in the end of this month, we can be one of the grateful persons that was stated in this verse! 🙂

And here’s the link of the video.

Ramadhan is the best time for a guidance.

Have a blast! Byeeee

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