Can I?

Have you ever feel like you’re not good enough for something?

Such as when you were assigned to be a leader or to be the planner of a program, or maybe someone put his/her trust on you to get some important tasks to be done. Or maybe, you want to join your friends doing da’wah directly or indirectly but you remembered that you’re not as good as them and you stopped there. We know ourselves well, but sometimes we undermine ourselves too much. We think we are unable to do that, it won’t be perfect or people might dislike with the things that we do.  And we think what’s the point then? It’s useless.

But, one thing for you to know…

Allah has plan everything nicely and now He chooses you to be that ‘important person’. He put us in this path and who are we to deny His fate? Sometimes, when we said we’re not good enough for something, do we realise that we’re actually denying Allah’s plan..? I know it’s hard, I know that it’s easier said than done, we all know that. But mate, even Allah believes in you, why not you believe in yourself?

“Perhaps you hate a thing and it’s good for you, and perhaps you love a thing and it’s bad for you. And Allah knows, while you not know.” [2:216]

Not to forget, some of us might think that it is plain useless to join any program with our friends, or maybe do a little da’wah in our own way. It’s like, “weh tak ada beza pun aku join ke tak, aku tetap macam ni jugak”.  Or you might think you’re just faking yourselves by doing this & that while In fact you’re not even good in anything.

So, you think whose fault is this?

Do you want to put the blame on Allah because you do not try to be a better person for even a small change?

Don’t you think it’s our own fault if we fail to take this chance to be a better version of ourselves?

“It’s the society that turns me like this. It’s quite hard lah to do this and that in this kind of surrounding.”

So now, we want to blame the society and the surrounding?

We hope for them to change us while we do not even try to make ourselves better?

How unfair is that.

It’s like you’re bad in cooking and you did not even try to learn some skills but you blame the rice & onion, you blame the pot & ladle because they’re not making your dish delicious or you blame your stomach because it keeps getting hungry & you can’t even cook a plain maggi! Ok joke aside, who doesn’t know how to cook maggi kan. What?! is there? Like seriously, is there? Maggi is a must-know-how-to-cook kod! OK SO BACK TO THE TOPIC. Do you think it’s fair enough to blame other people for your failure? Yes, undeniably your surroundings or the persons you mingled with might affect a part of your life but I believe that we, ourselves are responsible the most with our life. Aren’t we?

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” [13:11]


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